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The health of any breed is one of the most important factors when considering buying a pet.

Buying a pup which is genetically clear of any hereditary conditions and in good health gives you the best chance at a long life with minimal visits to the Vet.

Alternatively Bad health, caused through a lack of testing for known diseases/conditions or simply ignoring poor health results and can be financially and emotionally crippling. This can be due a lack of education from both breeders and buyers, the results of this are expensive and time consuming, and will result in a decreased quality of life for both you and your pet.

Known health conditions for the Japanese Spitz are listed below, any dog failing to meet the minimum standard will not be bred from. This has meant all genetic health conditions have been eliminated as much as environmentally possible from any dogs. 


Patella Luxation – No score higher than a 1 is permitted
Heart Murmur – Not Permitted
Incorrect Bite – Not Permitted (not a scissor bite, top jaw teeth slightly overlapping bottom jaw teeth)

All our puppies are born and raised with proper care, socialisation and supervision. We believe it's important for prospective owners to be able to see where and how their puppy is being raised. If you live in Victoria, we recommend paying us a visit to check out the environment and meet some of the dog family. 

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