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Belzbentley Japanese Spitz award-winning dogs at the Royal Adelaide Show

Taking deposits on puppies for mid 2023

Belzbentley Japanese Spitz Victoria, Located more specifically in Plenty and Ringwood. Due to current work commitments we are also in Tasmania. At Belzbentley we primarily Show and Breed Japanese Spitz, with the very occasional German Shepherd and Schipperke’s also in the mix. We aim to continue breeding Healthy dogs with a great temperaments and true Breed Type. Currently Belzbentley dogs compete in Jumping, Obedience and Conformation with great results. For all Puppy enquiries and information on how to buy a Japanese Spitz Puppy check out the puppy buying process and contact us for more info and prices. Occasionally there are older dogs available, these are on request to the right family, feel free to send an enquiry.

Registered Breeder with Dogs Victoria, the Victorian arm of the Australian National Kennel Club, who is the official body for all pedigree dogs in Australia (you can not register a non pedigree dog).

Belzbentley team of award-winning Japanese Spitz dogs and puppies

– Home to –

No 1 Breeder 2022

(This score is calculated by adding up wins from dogs that have been bred by Belzbentley) 

No 1 Japanese Spitz in Australia 2021
Youngest Grand Champion in Breed History
5 Time Speciality Winner and Breed Record Holder

I am an avid exhibitor of the breed and a reputable ethical breeder, upholding the Australian Canine Association Code of Ethics. The ongoing health of the Japanese Spitz and good temperaments are my foremost concern and all health test results from parents and grandparents (if available) are provided with every puppy. Puppies are raised in my home, and are not “Kennel dogs” we are also one of the few breeders who allow you to visit: see for yourself where and how the dogs live and puppies are raised, in light of all the puppy farming incidents we feel this is very important so you are aware that all dogs are treated well and live happy healthy lives.

If you are looking for an additional family member or conformation/showing, have a look at our puppy process and enquire directly.

Belzbentley Phone – 0433 921 290

Award-winning dog Belzbentley Japanese Spitz Euro

-Home Bred Champions-

  1. Supreme Champion Belzbentley Welcome to Bedrock – “Bam Bam”

  2. Grand Ch Belzbentley Saturn Five -“Rocket”

  3. Grand Champion Belzbentley Yabba Dabba Doo – “Pebbles”

  4. Grand Champion Belzbentley Wild Card – “Joker”

  5. Grand Champion Belzbentley Stack The Deck – “Ace”

  6. Champion & Neuter Champion Belzbentley Wicked White – “Ghost”

  7. Champion Belzbentley Charlie Bravo – “Charlie”

  8. Champion Belzbentley Northern Connection – “Gracie”

  9. Champion Belzbentley Cumulo Nimbus – “Nimbus”

  10. Champion Belzbentley South of the Border – “Mexi”

  11. Champion Belzbentley The Last Stand – “Mystique”

  12. Champion Belzbentley The Little Mermaid – “Arial”

  13. Champion Belzbentley Green Apples – “Cider”

  14. Champion Belzbentley Adamantium – “Logan”

  15. Champion Belzbentley Airforce One – “Pilot”

  16. Champion Belzbentley The Eminem Show – “Marshall”

  17. Champion Belzbentley Midnight Express – “Lola”

  18. Champion Belzbentley - "Ledger"

  19. Champion Belzbentley Margot Fonteyn – “Dancer”

  20. Champion Belzbentley Diamond Dog Dancer – “Jax”

  21. Champion Belzbentley Hadron Collider - "Atom"

  22. Champion Belzbentley Blazing Skies - "Comet"

  23. Champion Belzbentley Uluru - "Piklet"

  24. Champion Belzbentley Gold Coast - "Surfer"

Belzbentley Phone – 0433 921 290

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